Make After Effects use your computer's full power.

Save your time with RenderGO!

If you are tired of long rendering in After Effects,
Than our software is exactly what you need!

First of all, our program is useful for owners of modern multi-core processors (6-16 cores), but also the i5-2400 (4 cores / 4 threads) is able to render a complex project more than 1.5 times faster.

Optimization and use of parallel processes in rendering makes it possible to distribute the load among all the processor cores, thereby working out the investment made in the hardware configuration and saving your time.

RenderGO - make your AfterEffects render fastest!
Rendering up
1.5 – 3 times higher speed

Higher! Faster! Further!
Try it! And you’ll get the result much faster with our software!

Various video formats

The most popular video formats and containers for output files are supported (AVI, MP4 x264, MOV QT). Can be imported immediately into your favorite editor.

Hardware maximum output

Video processing uses the power of a computer in parallel operation, which increases efficiency.

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They say about us

Don’t take our words for granted – that’s what our users say:

“Greetings from Santa Clause” Project (New Year 2020 collection) Renderer threads – 5. Render in AE CC2018 took 33 minutes 21 seconds. Rendering in the RenderGO program took 16 minutes 06 seconds. Difference 2.07 times, in favor of RenderGO.

Ryzen 7 3700x (8/16); DDR-IV 32 Gb

Faster 2.07 times,
time saving 17 minutes!

I got old Intel (R) Core (TM) i5-2400 CPU @ 3.10GHz 3.11GHz 20GB RAM. It took AE over 5 hours to complete the Intro_22 project from New Year collection 2020. RenderGO did it whitin in 3 threads, which is 3h. 11 min total.

i5-2400 CPU@ 3.10GHz DDR-III 20 Gb

More than 1.57 times faster,
saving time more than 2 hours!

With my configuration it took AAE 2 h 45 min, while with RenderGO the project had been completed withing 1 h. 45 min. That was unexpected!

i7-3770K @ 3.5GHz; DDR-III 32 Gb

1.5 times faster
time saving 1 hour!

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