You’ll find the answers to the most frequently asked questions in this article.

1. What CPU does the program run on (AMD/Intel)?

It does not matter. The number of cores/threads in the processor is more important for work and time saving.

2. What are the minimum requirements for the CPU?

A minimal option would be a 4 cores/8 threads processor. The more cores/threads, the more time is gained.

3. What are the minimum requirements for RAM?

It is important to understand that multiple AEs run concurrently and have their own memory requirements, so rendering may fail if there are not enough resources.The minimum required RAM is 16 GB, which is enough to render the 3-4 threads average. 32 GB and above will allow to run more than 4 threads and use the whole processor resource.

4. When rendering in RenderGo, the processor is 100% loaded, is it safe?

It is true that when rendering video using RenderGo, the processor is used at full power and its temperature increases, but if the processor is running in normal mode (not speeded up) and is equipped with a high-quality cooling system, there is nothing to worry about.

5. What version of After Effects does the program work with?

The most popular versions are supported. The testing was done with CS6, cc2018, cc2020. There is only a restriction in the localization of After Effects – due to significant differences in translations between versions, only English-language versions of After Effects are supported.

6. How difficult it is to learn to work with the program?

It is not. Just study the manual carefuly.

7. During rendering the «The output path of the project is not defined, change the output path (file name) in the project» error pops-up.

Such Error often occurs if the output folder of the project (which is selected in Render Queue in AE) contains files, such as previously edited images of the project, make sure the output folder is empty and run the renderer again. A similar error occurs when a AfterEffects Renderer version selected is diferent from the one the project file was created in.

8. What should one do if the «Unsupported project output file format: AVI» error occured?

When creating the queue in AE, the format of the AVI output file (MP4) was selected. This output file format does not support multithreading and is therefore  not supported by RenderGo. Configure the project output according to the instructions.

9. How to get the program?

Go to Buy section of our website.

10. Can I try the program before buying it?

You can download free demo version here Free demo version, the demo version has limited options, and allows to render 3 diferent projects.

11. How to activate the program?

Off-line activation is described here Program activation.

12. PC the program was installed on has failed, how to activate it on a different one?

The program can be activated on a different PC 3 months after previous activation.

13. I’ve made an activation request , but got no response. How long do I wait for the confirmation letter?

Usually the verification and activation takes 2-3 hours, with a maximum delay of 8 hours. If you have not received a reply within that  time – check the mailbox Spam folder, and if it is empty – use Contact us form, write your E-mail and the time when the request was sent.

14. Which output formats are supported?

Containers supported are: AVI (mJPEG), MP4 (x264 CBR), MOV (Quicktime PNG, mJPEG, ProRes), images supported are (JPEG  Sequence and PNG Sequence). The program is constantly upgraded and with newest versions support of other codecs will appear, including hardware codecs.