Program activation

Program activation

This article tells you how to activate the software.

There is off-line activation avaliable, which allows you to activate the software without the Internet connection.

1. Open the software on the computer you want to install it on.

2. Press “license activation” key in the license information window 

3. Enter email in the dialogue box. You are to enter the same email specified when license purchase and the license number you received when the license was purchased.

4. Press “Save” key , select the folder to save the file. Then the *.rglink. folder will open.

5. Copy the *.rglink file to your computer or phone with Internet access. Send the file to You will receive an activation email – if the activation is successful, you will get a *.rgolic file attached.

6. Copy the *.rglic file to the computer to complete the activation.

7. Click “Open license file” key and select the file received in previous step.

8. If activation is successful there will be information about the license holder and validity shown in the “License information” box.

9. Reboot the program.

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